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M. A. Blume

One part vintage Chicago. Two parts mystery.
A dash of misdirection. Shake well, garnish with a twist.

M. A. Blume

     M. A. Blume is the author of several short stories featuring gentleman sleuth Elliott Frank and Detective Walter Bassett. "How can I read these stories?" you ask. Well, only one has been published (so far) but they're too much fun not to get noticed eventually by some clever publisher. The stories are set in pre-WW1 Chicago, an era that doesn't get as much attention as the 20s, but still had its share of bad guys (and gals) and crime. 

     She has also completed the manuscript of a traditional historical mystery, set in 1922 Chicago and featuring amateur sleuth Christy Deyne. No nibbles on that one yet, either. But there's a lid for every pot, right?

     In the before times (pre 2020) she was a marketing and press director for touring Broadway shows. She holds an MBA/MA in Arts Management from SMU and BAs in History and English from the University of Dallas. She enjoys sailing, skiing, crosswords, travel, cozy blankets, a roaring fire, and, of course, a night out at the theater. Don't ask her to leave Chicago in the summer; she doesn't live through bitterly cold winters to leave just when the city becomes the most gloriously wonderful place on earth.

A new headshot is coming soon. Meanwhile, enjoy this caricature I created when "Mad Men" was in its heyday. Yeah, I know that was a while ago. But I love this little cartoon.

NEW headshot coming soon. Until then, enjoy this "Mad Men" caricature that I created when the show was in its heyday. I know that was a long time ago. Doesn't matter. I still love this little cartoon.

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